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Exley believed that that the small but engaged crowds before him made a mockery of the organizer’s creed of moving citizens “up the ladder of engagement and eventually when you’re done with them you’ve turned them into a fully formed political human being and now they’re ready to run a neighborhood team,” as Exley put it. “What we’re saying is we have hundreds of thousands of people who are already there. They are already leaders in their churches, in their synagogues, in their community organizations, in their bands, in their families, in their workplaces. They’re already willing to do whatever they have to do for Bernie to win.”

Now all the campaign had to do was to figure out how to make such a Tennessean useful for winning votes in Iowa and New Hampshire—how to focus all of Sanders' national energies like a laser on places where he needed a victory.

Zack Exley, right, and Becky Bond, senior advisers to the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign, sit for a photograph outside the Beat Coffeehouse and Records in Las Vegas on Feb. 19, 2016.

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Exley was theoretically based at Sanders’ headquarters in Vermont, but throughout the fall and winter he was spending more and more time on what he called his “barnstorm tour,” replicating the model he and Trent had pioneered of rallying new volunteers through revival meetings. Exley insisted that the team he was developing to link them which he called “distributed organizing,” using technology to link far-flung sources of labor—not be classified as digital staffers even if their primary tool was the Internet. “At some point organizers started to use the telephone, but we don’t have telephone-organizing departments,” says Bond.

Exley was theoretically based at Sanders’ headquarters in Vermont, but throughout the fall and winter

Bond had spent her career at the intersection of activism and telephony.When she first encountered Exley in 2000, she was working at Working Assets Long Distance, a credit-card and telephone-service provider that funneled its profits towards progressive caucuses. In order to become a full-time adviser to Sanders, Bond took a leave from her post as vice president at the company, since renamed CREDO Mobile, where she had helped to launch a super-PAC whose first project was defeating Tea Party-affiliated members ofCongress.

When Bond joined the campaign in September, it was evident that any long-distance calling operation would be hampered by technological limitations. Exley had helped to launch the Chloé BuckleStrap Canvas amp; Leather Sandals outlet 100% original WKKPhFUJK
call center in 2004, and despite significant refinements since—by integrating phone functions directly into a Web interface—calling from home still remained far less efficient than from field offices. There, phone-bank volunteers are increasingly given predictive-dialer handsets, which—anticipating the low occurrence of having a human being answer any given phone call—use algorithms to dial multiple numbers concurrently and then link a live caller to a line where someone has picked up. Yet on the platform that Sanders invited non-staff-state volunteers to use, OpenVPB, callers had to manually summon each phone number through a website, a slow and frustrating process that Exley worried would leave them discouraged.

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3 July 2018

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WATCH: How to hide your Gmails from prying eyes

Google has confirmed that private emails sent and received by Gmail users can sometimes be read by third-party app developers, not just machines.

People who have connected third-party apps to their accounts may have unwittingly given human staff permission to read their messages.

One company told the Wall Street Journal that the practice was "common" and a "dirty secret".

Google indicated that the practice was not against its policies.

One security expert said it was "surprising" that Google allowed it.

Gmail is the world's most popular email service with 1.4 billion users.

Google lets people connect their account to third-party email management tools, or services such as travel planning and price comparisons.

When linking an account to an external service, people are asked to grant certain permissions - which often include the ability to "read, send, delete and manage your email".

According to the Wall Street Journal, this permission sometimes allows employees of third-party apps to read users' emails.

While messages are typically processed by computer algorithms, the newspaper spoke to several companies where employees had read "thousands" of email messages.

Edison Software told the newspaper it had reviewed the emails of hundreds of users to build a new software feature.

Another firm - eDataSource Inc - said engineers had previously reviewed emails to improve its algorithms.

The companies said they had not asked users for specific permission to read their Gmail messages, because the practice was covered by their user agreements.

"You can spend weeks of your life reading terms and conditions," said Prof Alan Woodward from the University of Surrey.

"It might well be mentioned in there, but it's not what you would think of as reasonable, for a human being in a third-party company to be able to read your emails."

Google said only companies that had been vetted could access messages, and only if users had "explicitly granted permission to access email".

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The price is right

When it comes to cheap, good phones, we're living in a world of plenty. Costs have dropped and software is getting better, which means that inexpensive phones with last year's parts (or even parts from the year before) are still going to serve you well. Here are the top cheap phones we love.

Editors' note : This gallery was originally published in November 2014, and is updated frequently.

Editors' note
Published: Caption: Casual Denim Slippers for Men buy cheap affordable sale cheap discount big discount buy cheap cost U0hy2tA2u
Photo: Josh Miller/CNET
of 11

Price : Estimated to go for $85, £60 or AU$110

As Nokia's cheapest phone from its high quality cheap price PAOLO SIMONINI Opentoe mules free shipping with credit card cheapest price cheap price discounts tHeFjOvN
lineup, the Nokia 1 also runs Android One like ZTE's Tempo Go and has a plastic design. But don't let that deter you as it comes in some stylish colors, and it has a removable battery, two SIM-card slots and expandable storage.

Published: Caption: Lynn La Photo: Andrew Hoyle/CNET Read the article
of 11

Price : $229 (or $185 with Amazon-sponsored ads), £249, AU$300

Though US users will have to miss out on its NFC capabilities, the splash-resistant Moto G5 Plus has a near stock version of Android Nougat, a good camera and video, and a metal build -- and it's extremely kind to your wallet.

Published: Caption: Lynn La Photo: Patrick Holland/CNET
of 11
$224.99 at

Price : £200, converts to $280 and AU$360

The Honor 9 Lite doesn't seem to have any of the usual compromises you'd expect when getting a budget phone. We love its elegant blue design, expansive 5.6-inch display and four(!) cameras.

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Boston Herald
Sunday, July 8, 2018

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4 Thai soccer team members rescued from cave
WINDSOR SMITH Ankle boots buy cheap fashion Style 2nsWBc2u
Sunday, July 08, 2018

Credit: Christopher Evans

Boston Celtics forward Guerschon Yabusele
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LAS VEGAS — It was here two years ago that Celtics assistant coach Micah Shrewsberry gave draftee Guerschon Yabusele the “Dancing Bear” nickname. But the 6-foot-7 Frenchman is looking a bit more like Yogi Bear these days, the result of perhaps a little extra time with picnic baskets.

A stout Yabusele still managed 16 points and seven rebounds in 23 minutes of the Celts’ 95-89 win in their Vegas Summer League opener, but maneuvering his larger frame was a factor in seven fouls (players have 10 personals to work with here — quick, someone call Greg Kite).

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inRead invented by Teads

Yabusele acknowledged he’d like to lose some weight after pushing fairly close to the 300 range, and the Celtics have let it be known they’ll need to see less of Yabu if he wishes to see more of the court in the coming season.

“I know that we have the people in place to help him with that,” said assistant Jay Larranaga, who’s leading the Celtics entry here. “I thought he was pretty good (Friday night), but I think everybody can always improve their conditioning. I think taking ownership of your career is important.

“Basketball’s a game of speed, so he needs to be as fast as he can possibly be, and that’s true for every guy on our team. There’s a lot of fast guards that he’s going to have to be able to guard on switches.”

The value of Yabusele to the Celts is that he has more than enough size to play inside, but he can also step out and hit perimeter shots. But the key to competing for a place in the rotation will be defense and the ability to move.

“I’m probably going to lose a couple of pounds,” he said after the Celts’ morning workout yesterday. “I’ve already lost some. I feel good now, but I still feel like if I lose a little bit more I will still be great, so I’m really working on that.

“It’s better for me to have less, because I’m going to be running and jumping and defending a little bit better. I’m going to be less tired. I’m just trying to lose a couple of pounds and feel good with my body. I’m just trying to have a positive summer league and give everything for the next season.”

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